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Wo Hu Cang Long - Chrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Yesterday evening I watched 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'. I've wanted to watch it for quite some time but never did it. Because my boyfriend and me are going to watch House of Flying Daggers on Thursday, I finally watched it, so that I have a bit more 'experience' in Chinese films.
I liked it a lot. I love their martial art, especially the way they move. Not sword-related but the jumping and flying. I'm really wondering whether there are people that are able to do this in real life, or well, a bit of it. And the sound is incredible too. I didn't really listen to the soundtrack, I was too absorbed in the film. But the fights are not too loud, it's all calm.
At first it was very strange, because I watched it in the original language (of course) with German subtitles, but I had to read all the time, because I don't know a word in Chinese. And I got very confused because I couldn't remember the names of the characters, they all sounded the same and in the very beginning they even looked the same :/ but after some short time it was ok and I knew who was who. I'll surely watch this movie again some time, it's incredible and beautiful. And the love scenes aren't corny at all, but just wonderful.
The ending was rather confusing again. I didn't think she commited suicide, but what else? Maybe she can make a wish too, like this boy who jumped off the mountain for his sick parents. But I'm not quite sure, could also be something else, I dunno.
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