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The Aviator

My boyfriend and me watched The Aviator in the cinema tonight. I didn't want to watch it at first because I got an anti-leo-attitude but we watched it anyway because it's nominated for a bunch of Oscars and I have to know my enemy (I'm pro Finding Neverland). The topic doesn't appeal to me a lot, I'm not interested in planes at all, as I'm not interested in cars or so.
The Cast is incredible: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Kate Beckinsale (shame on me! I realized I know this person during the film but didn't get that it was her and I've seen quite some of her latest flms), John C. Reilly (I know him from TheHours and Chicago only, but immediately realized that I know this guy), Ian Holm (cute little Bilbo :) ), Jude Law (but only in a very small part), Willem Dafoe (smile, but small part too). And some others but I didn't know them though some may be famous too. It was really fun seeing all those people in small parts and some only appeared towards the end and we didn't know that they were all starring in that picture. I always was taken aback: uh... don't I know that guy from somewhere?
Now the plot. It's good. But it didn't appeal to me, I wasn't touched when this damn plane finally did fly or when he finally managed this or that. But I'm sure others were.
The film is just done in a great way. The actors act greatly, the costumes are good and the decor was brilliant.
There really isn't anything negative I can say about this film right away. But it didn't touch me. That's it.
I hope it doesn't get too many Oscars because Finding Neverland touched me much more. But unfortunately I'd understand it if they gave a lot of Oscars to this film.
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