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Shi Mian Mai Fu - House of Flying Daggers: Ambush From 10 Sides

I watched this film two days ago in the cinema together with my boyfriend. It was a pity they showed it in one of the smaller theaters. And the audience was horrible. They were giggling all way through, especially when they were fighting. The average spectator was about 30 years old and I was wondering why this person goes to watch such a film... maybe they had expected something else, but I got so annoyed at their giggling. I'm sure they did it because they thought the fights were to violent or so and they giggled to hide their feelings or so.
The lead actress, Ziyi Zhang, was so great. She's a lead in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon too and I'm getting really fan of her.
The plot is very nice too. In a way it's stereotype but still it's not boring at all. It's a perfect mix of fighting, love, drama and tradition.
I especially liked the ending. And I DO NOT bother if she dies for hours. And I DO NOT giggle because of that. I know it's not very likely to happen like this but this IS A MOVIE and not real life. Otherwise I wouldn't go to the movies, would I? But those people who were giggling and saying "well that's a bit exaggerated" when she got up again to throw the dagger are so dumb *stabs them*.
The only thing I missed a bit was the flights. In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon the characters fly a lot during the fight scenes and when they 'walk' over the water and I liked that so much. But the fight in the bamboo forest evens it all out, it's brilliant.
So if you like Chinese films, this one is a must-be withour giggling.
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