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Memento - 3 Disc Special Edition

I've seen the film for the first time almost a year ago and I immediately liked it. This summer I had to make a talk on a film together with a classmate and we chose this film and made a brilliant talk on it. I got me the new 3 Disc Special Edition now and in this review I will not only write about the film but also about the bonus material.

Disc 1:
main feature (coming soon after I have watched it again)

Disc 2:
Interview with Christopher Nolan in Independent Focus
Interview with Guy Pearce

Both are normal interviews: a interviewer and the being interviewed person. They are as boring as all such interviews in my opinion, because there are no cuts to scenes from the film or other things, just one head for 20 minutes. And they don’t tell too interesting stuff in these interviews.
Anatomy of a Scene
First I thought they’d show how they made one scene with camera, sound etc. But actually it was much better. They talked about how they made a scene, starting with script, scenes, casting, production design, then the actual filming with cinematography and the post-production things like editing, sound & music, wrap. It’s very interesting and they show a lot of example scenes and camera behind the camera. It’s not at all like the two boring interviews. You learn a lot about the ideas behind the film.
Just the normal biography stuff, not too interesting because the film has hardly any actors (though the ones it has are good).
Hidden feature: Chronological Presentation of the Feature
It shouldn’t be watched to understand the film in the first place, but to get more into it after having thought about the ‘normal’ feature for some time. I think it’s a great idea to give fans this opportunity, it’s strange to watch, but makes you realize some things you didn’t before.
The second disc contains the bonus material that usually goes with a DVD like the interviews and maybe one special thing. Without the hidden feature it’s rather bad but the chronological presentation of the film improves the whole disc a lot. I just think this shouldn’t be a hidden feature but a normal point in the main menu.

Disc 3:
Shooting Script
This is a very special but cool feature. You can see the script, one page after the other with the notes the director wrote on it. On the bottom in a small window you can see the final film scene which belongs to this script part. I don’t think it will be too interesting to watch the whole film like this, but you can pick your favorite parts or so and it’s really cool to look at all those notes.

Memento Mori
This is my favorite feature on this Disc. Jonathan Nolan, who wrote the short story Memento Mori on which the film is based, reads it. He speaks very clearly but not in a boring way and even a non native speaker like me understands it. On the screen you see sort of a moving slide show. It’s not many different pictures, but they are constantly changing. For example with smoke in front or changes in color, shade, size etc. From time to time some words he says appear to sort of underline them.
It’s wonderful too watch and not so long (30 mins). I was wondering all the time what the feature called Memento Mori would be like because it sounded cool. And it turned out to be even more cool than I had imagined.
4 screencaps of this 'slide show':

Production stills and sketches: a big number of photos and sketches, very nice to look at
Props: pictures of some memorable props, especially all the polaroid photos Leonard took
International Poster Art
Concept Art & Bootleg Cover Art
Journal: some pages of a journal of someone, but I don’t know of whom. It’d be good to know that :/
Actually the same as the flash site part on their website Still I think it’s good they put it on here because it’s not a normal website but sort of a scrapbook with lots of extra information on the plot. And the sound and pictures have a better quality than on the internet.
International Trailer
A must-be: the trailer of the film ;). I actually prefer to have trailers of other films on a DVD to see what I’ll watch next. But I must say, the trailer of Memento is a very good one. It doesn’t tell too much, but still gives you an impression of the mood of the film. It makes you want to see it without dumb advertising and exaggerating things that aren’t relevant in the movie.
I loved this 3rd disc. There are many things on it you don't find among normal bonus material. Not only does it contain Memento Mori but also nice galleries and the website. I'm surprised they did such a good job because bonus material often deceives me by being boring and not very interesting or fun. So I must say it was really worth being this special edition.

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